Those Damn Dew Claws (pdf)

Educational Opportunities Abounded (pdf)

Briard - Beauceron (pdf)

The AKC Briard Flyer (pdf)

The BCA Briard Brochure (pdf)

Grooming 101 (pdf)

Judge's Education

The BCA Judges' Education Booklet (pdf)

Presenter and Tutor Information

Presenter-Tutor Program Description (pdf)

Presenter-Tutor Application (pdf)

Breed Education Committee Information

Breed Education Committee Job Description (pdf)

Breed Education Committee Member Application (pdf)

Breed Education Committee Member Application (Word-rtf)

Reference Sources

The Briard
by Diane McLeroth
History of the Briard ppg 13-37
Address for purchase found in the Dewclaw

The AKC Standard

The AKC Dog Book - 20 Edition
History ppg 645-647 (pages preceding the standard)
Structure pg 4-6, 765, 807, 821, 824, 826, 839
Standard ppg 647-649

ABC's of Breeding
by Claudia Orlandi
2005 Edition (green cover)
Breeder'd Tool #5 - Anatomy ppg 186-275 (NOT pg 194 - muscles)
Flash cards ppg 377 - 393 pertaining to structure
Workbook exercises ppg 440-451
Only information about Briard proportions and structure (not Basset Hounds)
ABC's of Breeding can be purchased from the BCA for $35.00 by contacting Kathy Lanam 330-426-2668 ohiobriard@aol.
Make checks payable to the BCA and mail to 49905 Taylor Road, Negley, OH 44441