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First Briard RAE
Bijou Spur of the Moment Lark Carol Wolfram 1/1/2005

Briards Earning the Title of RAE
Esprit D’Mystic Oaks; Miko; owners Michelle Holmes & Aline Brisendine; 4/23/2011
Ours Enpeluche Ornette Marquis Uwe; PB; owners Pamela & Katharina Freund; 1/15/2011
Enchanted Oracle at Delphi; Del; owner Maureen Lambert; 1/1/2008
Deja Vu Non Negotiable; Nunca; owner Judith Maier; 1/1/2006
Glendrover’s Taloolah Sunrise; ?; owners Marion & Richard Jacob 1/1/2006
Bijou Spur of the Moment; Lark; owner Carol Wolfram; 1/1/2005

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