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BCA Documentation

This is where you will find various documents related to the BCA, its legal and tax status,By-laws, Constitution, and any other behind the scenes paperwork that makes the organization run.

If you have any questions about them, contact your BCA Board.

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Briard Club of America Constitution and Bylaws

This document contains all the rules and regulations that we strive to follow in the management and activities of your BCA.

Click here to open the PDF document up in a new window.


Michigan Non-Profit Incorporation Act

Your BCA is incorporated as a non-profit in the State of Michigan. This is the law that authorizes and regulates that status.

Click here to open the PDF document in a new window.


BCA Policy Manual as of June 2013

This document covers the rules, regulations and policies we all follow as members and leaders within the Briard Community.

Click here to open the PDF document in a new window.

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Let's Work Together

Have Questions? Reach out to your BCA Directors and Officers for help.

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