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JUDGE: Mrs. Patricia L. Murray

10:00 AM Specialty Briards Sweepstakes

2    12 & Under 15 Months Dogs

1     15 & Under 18 Months Dog

1 6 & Under 9 Months Bitch

1 9 & Under 12 Months Bitch

2 12 & Under 15 Months Bitches

Best Junior in Sweepstakes

Best Senior in Sweepstakes Specialty Briards

Veteran Sweepstakes

1 7 Years & Under 9 Years Dog

4 9 Years & Under 11 Years Bitches

2 11 Years & Over Bitches

Best in Veteran Sweepstakes

Best of Opposite Sex to Best in Veteran Sweepstakes

14 Total Dogs

RING FOUR (SPANGLER BUILDING) JUDGE: Mr. James J. Mitchell (Judge will take a 45 minute lunch break at his discretion)

11:30 AM Specialty

Briards 1 Puppy, 9 & Under 12 Months Dog

2 12 & Under 15 Months Dogs

2 Bred by Exhibitor, 12 Months & Over Dogs

1 American-Bred Dog

3 Open, Tawny Dogs Winners Dog

2 Puppy, 6 & Under 9 Months Bitches

1 Puppy, 9 & Under 12 Months Bitch

1 12 & Under 15 Months Bitch

1 15 & Under 18 Months Bitch

1 Bred by Exhibitor, 6 & Under 12 Months Bitch

2 Bred by Exhibitor, 12 Months & Over Bitches

1 American-Bred Bitch

2 Open, Black Bitches

1 Open, Gray Bitch

2 Open, Tawny Bitches

Winners Bitch

1 Veteran, 7 Years & Under 9 Years Dog

1 Veteran, 7 Years & Under 9 Years Bitch

4 Veteran, 9 Years & Under 11 Years Bitches

2 Veteran, 11 Years & Over Bitches

23 Best of Breed Competition (13-10)

1 Stud Dog

1 Brood Bitch

56 Total Dogs

National Judge James Mitchell

Sweeps Patricia Murray

Regional Judges

Denise Simenauer and Mary Anne Brocious

Sweeps Chris Ann Moore

The BCA will offer two AKC herding trials and four AKC herding instinct tests in conjunction with the National and Regional specialties this fall in Ohio. These will be held on Saturday & Sunday, October 7 & 8, 2023, the same days as the two All-Breed shows which immediately follow our National and Regionals. The herding will take place at the Hado-Bar Farm in Nova, OH, about 1 hour and 50 minutes from the conformation show site.  The trials will offer Course C, and the instinct tests will be boundary style (not the round pen as frequently done in the past).

Briards will have preference over all other breeds, and the instinct tests will be scheduled at the end of each day (no earlier than 3PM). We are also asking the Saturday and Sunday all-breed shows' superintendent to schedule Briards late morning, allowing time to travel to the herding site after Briards have been in the ring.

If you want an AKC Herding Instinct Certificate on your Briard, you will need to qualify twice, under two different judges. For that reason, on both Saturday and Sunday, two judges will be available. This will allow you to come either on one of the days and qualify twice or come both days and enter under a different judge each day.

Each day, we will have space for only 8 dogs per judge to be instinct tested, so it is highly recommended that you enter as soon as possible. IF SPACE PERMITS, you might be able to sign up for the herding instinct test on site, on the day of the event. To enter on site, you MUST have your dog’s registered name and AKC registration number on hand, and payment MUST be made at that time by cash, check, or e-payment (no credit card).

Paper entry forms can be found in the herding premium list, or, preferably, you can enter online (with no additional fee). Both options are available at:

For any questions, contact Gail Zamarchi at or 508-826-4139.

We hope to see many of you in the sheep arena doing what Briards were bred to do.

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