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Briard Club of America Archives

The Briard Club of America has it's history documented in a collection of writings, photographs, and publications. Some date back to the 1940's.  One can imagine that even for a small club, the volume of material is large.  Preservation and accessibility of these materials are concerns.  To do this, the club has had a series of archivists through the years who have dedicated lifetimes to this task.  Three individuals in particular who have influenced what we have in our archives are Dianne McLeroth, Barbara Eichner, and Barbe Lynch (our current archivist).  Because of the efforts of these individuals, we have very interesting archival material that we can access.  Links to some of this material are provided below.  Each year our archivist prepares a display for the Briard Club of America National Specialty.  We are including some of those presentations below as well.  

This publication was designed, and created by Barbe Lynch, BCA Archivist/Historian, as the 2013 National Archives Project. It's purpose is to further educate the BCA membership about Briard history in the United States.

The Diane McLeroth Collection is a collaborative project involving Ms. McLeroth, Kathryn and Paul Hanson, initially made available to the BCA in 2019 to support interested membership seeking further historical background of the Briard in America and the Club itself. The Diane McLeroth Collection contains PDF files of scanned images of the original documents.

This publication was designed, and created by Barbe Lynch, BCA Archivist/Historian, as the 2018 National Archives Project. Celebrating

     the Briard Club of America's 

90th Year

This magazine has been produced consistently since 1953.  Scans of the magazine have been provided by a number of people adding to this electronic collection of over 100 issues.

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