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Your BCA

Your Briard Club of America (BCA) is a community of people — just like you — who love Briards. Everything that we do is about caring for the long-term health, security, and quality of the breed. If you love Briards like we do, consider joining us. We’d love to have you on board.

About the Briard Club of America

The Briard Club of America was founded in 1928 to preserve, protect, and promote the welfare of the breed and to educate its members in all aspects of stewardship of the Briard. These include maintaining standards of conformation and physical soundness through responsible breeding, promoting canine medical and health research, and sponsoring breed rescue initiatives. The BCA was recognized by the American Kennel Club the year it was founded and is the parent organization to Regional Clubs throughout the United States.


BCA membership includes people from all walks of life. Whether their Briards are involved in Agility, Conformation, Herding, Obedience, Rally, Tracking, working as service/assistance dogs, or full-time beloved canine companions and family pets, all BCA members share their intense love, respect, and an enormous sense of responsibility for the Briard.

In addition to annual National Specialty events, periodically the BCA sponsors a National Rassemblement (Rass). Briards are evaluated in a non-competitive, learning environment by European experts who have bred or judged Briards for many years. Participants receive a detailed written assessment of their Briard.

The BCA has founded two independent, non-profit Trusts: the Briard Medical Trust and the Briard Rescue Trust. The Briard Medical Trust is charged with promoting breed health research and educating owners and breeders on the health concerns of the breed. The Briard Rescue Trust funds expenses for rescuing and re-homing Briards at risk or in need of placement.

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