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Specialty Catalog Information

SPECIALTY CATALOG AD INFORMATION: We are using an AKC-licensed show superintendent this year and they have specific rules to follow. The window opportunity to get ads in is short. AD DEADLINE to me is AUGUST 21, 2023 at NOON EDT--for any designed ad and all materials to have one laid out for you must be in by that date/time. That is a very hard deadline, folks. They will take a late ad or two, but the price jumps a lot to do that, and it is still subject to them rejecting it. All ads MUST go to me, the Ad Chair to send to the Superintendent. They will not take one from anyone else. 

1. ALL ads will be printed in Black n White.

2. Full page regular ad is $39. A Two page ad from one person discount is $70.

3. Full page Memorial/or Specialty support ad is $34 

4. Late received ads will cost $65 per page. (will be returned if the Superintendent refuses the ad.) The deadline on late receipt for any chance of acceptance is 4 days late--- AUGUST 26, 2023. It still must be sent to me. 

5. No design by us doing layout is possible after the 8/21st deadlilne.

6. Payment can be made to the BCA through Treasurer Marty Gawry. Email him for on line payment details, if available. 

********* AD PAGE if you are going to do your own design: ***************

i. Page design area is 4-1/2 " wide x 7-1/8" high (you can set it up on a 1/2 sheet of paper horizontal on your screen and mark off the design area using the rulers on most design software).

BCA National Specialty Catalog Ads about:blank 3/4 

ii. If you are sending photos or PDFs or Predesigned ads, send them in color so they can be best transfered to Black & White formats. 

iii. Send photos or pre-made ads at 300 dpi/ppi resolution (important). iv. Send the ad in one of the following formats, please. JPG 



PDF---not a particularly helpful format for design but if you are doing something in say Publisher, turn it into a PDF for me to be able to open it and translate it to the format the Superintendent prefers.

We will create an ad for you, however with the short lead time if the ad hasn't arrived to me by August 14th, there will be no time for back n forth changes. I will acknowledge receipt of your ad, regardless. 

If you have any questions please email me at: put CATALOG AD in the subject line (yeah-- in caps.)

Thank you for supporting the BCA! BCA Ad Chair Barbe Lynch

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