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Puppy and Adult Referral contact

Diane Goldman

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BCA Puppy Referral Form and Payment can be done through the Members Only - Member Payments area.


Note: Any corrections, changes, additions, or deletions to listings must go through the referral chairs for editing.

There may be websites linked from this site that are operated or created by or for organizations other than the Briard Club of America, Inc. These links are provided solely as a convenience to our users, and does not constitute an endorsement of any person or organization or the information that it provides, and none should be inferred. The Briard Club of America, Inc. assumes no responsibility for the content of the individual organization’s web pages found via these links, or beyond, and does not attest to the accuracy or propriety of any information, products or services located there. Any comments or inquiries regarding the linked websites are to be directed to the particular organization for whom the particular website is being operated.


Responsibilities as a Briard breeder:

1. Breeders should be fully familiar with the AKC Standard and breed only to improve the breed.

2. Demonstrate honesty and fairness in dealing with other breeders, purchasers of dogs and the general public.

3. Use breeding stock of sound temperament, with no major hereditary defects, free of parasites and communicable disease. Testing for genetic defects such as hip dysplasia, progressive retinal atrophy, night blindness, von Willebrand's disease, hypothyroidism and other tests as they become available should be done before breeding, and test results should be available to anyone on request. Brucellosis tests should be done before each breeding.

4. Provide appropriate documentation to all concerned regarding the health of the dogs involved in a breeding or sale, including reports of examinations such as those applying to hips and eyes.

5. Refrain from further use of any dog/bitch that has produced serious defects detrimental to the animal's well-being, affecting normal functions or impairment of vital functions, and produces like results with a different mating partner.

6. Make full use of AKC Limited registration in selling puppies with disqualifying faults or, in the breeder's opinion, lacking the quality adequate for breeding.

7. Follow AKC requirements for record keeping, identification of breeding stock, and registration procedures.

8. Screen prospective buyers to ascertain their potential to properly care for a large, active, coated dog. Inform prospective puppy buyers of the lifelong responsibilities of Briard ownership: training, grooming, socializing, veterinary expenses, equipment needs, spatial needs, and exercise.

9. Provide complete information to new owners including instructions on feeding, medical records, training and socialization needs. Urge buyers to attend obedience classes. Also provide a four-generation pedigree, AKC registration papers, which may be provided after spaying or neutering per contract, and a copy of the AKC breed standard as well as this Code of Ethics.

10. Use clear concise contracts to document the sale, the use of stud dogs and lease arrangements including the use, when appropriate, of non-breeding agreements, spaying/neutering contracts and/or Limited Registration.

11. Understand and agree that you are willing to take back or assist in finding a new home for any dog you produce at any time in its life, if requested to do so. The owner of the sire, having a vested interest in the litter produced, should also be consulted in matters arising that may affect the health and welfare of the offspring.

12. No member or breeder shall, either singly or in litter lots: (i) knowingly consign, donate or sell dogs to commercial dog wholesalers, franchised commercial facilities, brokers, pet shops, puppy mills, laboratories, or agents of the forgoing, (ii) offer, or donate or sell any dog to be offered as a prize in any form of raffle, contest or other like activity or for sale in a mail order catalog.

13. All advertising shall be truthful and ethical. Any claims made must be provable.

Briard Puppy and Adult Listings

If you are considering adding a Briard puppy or adult to your family, we encourage you to do extensive research to determine if the Briard is the correct breed for your family. Doing some homework up front will give you a better idea whether the Briard is the right breed for you and may help you find a responsible, ethical breeder.

The Briard Club of America does not endorse specific breeders or litters of puppies and maintains no involvement in agreements between buyers and sellers. Any contract disputes will be resolved between the contracting parties, involving neither the Briard Club of America nor its Board of Directors.

Inclusion in this referral list is not a guarantee of quality, ability or health. It is always prudent to discuss health issues with breeders and to request documentation of health clearances. All statements made in this listing have been certified to in writing by the listing party. Although the BCA does attempt to ensure the information listed is accurate, it is the buyer's responsibility to verify the information and references.

All individuals listing litters or dogs in referral are Briard Club of America members in good standing who have agreed to abide by the BCA Code of Ethics. We urge you to read the BCA Briard Breeder Code of Ethics (listed below) as to what is expected of our breeder members.

Referral Chair










Odile Smith

Fairy Tale Briards

76 Quaker Lane 

Bolton, MA  01740


Born 12/23/23

12 puppies born

2 Girls


Rebelle Des Monts d'en Crauzille


Fr,  AM, Can CH Rebelle Des Monts d'en Crauzille

OFA Good 

CSNB Clear Tested

Fairytale's Occitane, OFA Good, CSNB Clear (tested)

Puppies sire  will be DNA verified.


Paws 2 - .jpg
Paws face 3.jpg

Images courtesy of Fairy Tale Briards

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