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Breed Education

The Breed Education Committee of the Briard Club of America welcomes you to our pages. We, and our fellow BCA Presenter-Tutors, work to provide educational material and information to all interested in learning about our beautiful breed. We are available to owners, breeders, judges, and aspiring judges as they learn to evaluate the Briard in accordance with the official AKC breed standard.

A Note from the Breed Education Committee

The BEC also provides the members of the BCA with specialized seminars that add to their knowledge in the care and enjoyment of their Briards.Participants in the BEC Presenter-Tutor program execute BEC educational programs in all regions of the country.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have, be it for planning a seminar with a Parent Club Approved Presenter, attending a Specialty Seminar, or for ringside tutoring at an event.

---The Breed Education Committee of the Briard Club of America.

Content on Briard Breed Education

Seminars and Ringside Tutoring — This is a listing of upcoming seminars.

Resource Materials — This is a set of links to articles on Briards, Judge's Education, BCA Briard Education Committee information, and additional external reference materials.

BCA Tutors — There is always someone who can help. This will help you find tutors to get you started.

Learning Opportunities — This is for everything else. Additional links and resources that you can browse.

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